Ken & Peggy Butler

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Firefly B&B Kelletville PA

It will not be long until spring will arrive in Kelletville Pa and make sitting on the porch comfortable again! New for 2017 is the naming of the lodge the "Firefly B&B".  We have been busy over the winter with a complete renovation underway at cabin 2.  The improvements include the removal of all interior wall coverings to expose the 80 year old barn siding walls, the removal of the ceiling to open up the space and the addition of a deck off the back of the cabin, overlooking "fossil creek".  The new space will be used as a social gathering place and bunk house.

Communication is now easier due to the location of a Verizon cell tower within three miles of the property. The cell site became operational in 2016 but the benefits were not realized until we updated our phones!  WiFi continues to be available at the lodge.


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