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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the Butlers and everyone at Black Caddis Ranch B&B and the Cabins at Camp Fossil Creek.  2015 has been the most amazing year with guests from all over the WORLD.

We started 2015 with plenty of snowmobiling starting on January 10 through the first weekend in March.  In January, we had snowmobile PSSA members Bruce McClellan, Pat Davis, and Sheri & Brad  Hoover stay as winners of the one-night-free drawing at the Motor Sports show in Monroeville.  Our last ride of the year was with the "Chicks on Triple 6" on March 3rd.

Spring arrived slowly, but the Trout fishermen Chuck Weaver , Bob Miller and friends showed up anyway to welcome in the season in the Cabins on April 18th.  We had Jan Piet & Josie Frens visit from Holland in early April.  At the end of April, we had the priveledge of hosting the Mike Callahan and company for the Local Foods Local Places Conference in Forest county.  Every weekend in May was full and the guests included the Blants and Archells from Essex England, the Glazewskis celebrating an Anniversary, hikers Schwabs and the Clarks and finally, the Wells family wedding guests Rose and Nancy on Memorial Day weekend.

June brought the most excitement we've had so far since we became the center for firefly hunters in the Allegheny National Forest 4 years ago.  We had lots of firefly hunters including the Larsen family, McKay family, Linda Weaver, Janet Sullivan, Michelle Pepitrone, Gupta family and Marsh family.  But none could top the ultimate firefly hunter and renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough.  The British film company Ammonite Films headed by Joe Loncraine, stayed here the week before the PA Firefly Festival to film Sir Attenborough communing with the Synchronous and Chinese Lantern firely in Tionesta Creek.  We expect the nature film about bioluminescence to be released sometime this spring.  See details below.

July brought the heat and rodeo fans from around the world.  We hosted the Corones family, Daniel, Isabella, Marie and Sam from France. We added the third cabin to the list of availability, and the Rhodes and Frews bunked in the cabins.  The Inmans traveled over from Ohio on motorcyle to ride the "Sixes".  August brought nature photographers and hellbender hunters, David and Laura Hughes.  They got some amazing underwater photos of the freshwater mussels and hellbenders in the Tionesta and Salmon creeks. David Hughes Photography

Fall brought out the amazing leaf color and leaf peepers Starsha and Jason Malek showed up. We had the pleasure of meeting Mahar family in late October. The Benden family had their annual hunting reunion here for both bear and buck.  Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from the "Little Truck Club" from Manchester, Ohio.  Thanks again to all of our guests, friends and family who made 2015 our most successful to date.

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