Ken & Peggy Butler

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Is Here!

The snow pack has finally melted, we had our first thunder storms this week and the daffodil buds are ready to bloom this week.  We are ready for the opening weekend of 2015 Trout season and the anglers will be invading this week.  We were proud to have the Forest Area Arts Council sponsor a class in the art of tying flies taught by local artist and fishing enthusiast, Bill Logan.  We had 10 students of all ages here yesterday in the great room. Each one tied 3 different flies that they will be able to use starting this coming weekend.  The weather looks favorable for camping, hiking and horseback riding as well as fishing.

The road construction contractor has assured me that the "Porky" bridge will be complete this week, so Route 666 is open.  

We are looking forward to hosting another successful PA Firefly Festival on June 27.  We are getting calls everyday for information and lodging.  So, far Cabin #1 is booked for that weekend.  We are working to get Cabin #3 open for rental this summer.  It is the largest of the 3, and will have room for up to 6-7 cots.  It also has a screened-in porch. We will post photos soon.