Ken & Peggy Butler

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the Butlers and everyone at Black Caddis Ranch B&B and the Cabins at Camp Fossil Creek.  2015 has been the most amazing year with guests from all over the WORLD.

We started 2015 with plenty of snowmobiling starting on January 10 through the first weekend in March.  In January, we had snowmobile PSSA members Bruce McClellan, Pat Davis, and Sheri & Brad  Hoover stay as winners of the one-night-free drawing at the Motor Sports show in Monroeville.  Our last ride of the year was with the "Chicks on Triple 6" on March 3rd.

Spring arrived slowly, but the Trout fishermen Chuck Weaver , Bob Miller and friends showed up anyway to welcome in the season in the Cabins on April 18th.  We had Jan Piet & Josie Frens visit from Holland in early April.  At the end of April, we had the priveledge of hosting the Mike Callahan and company for the Local Foods Local Places Conference in Forest county.  Every weekend in May was full and the guests included the Blants and Archells from Essex England, the Glazewskis celebrating an Anniversary, hikers Schwabs and the Clarks and finally, the Wells family wedding guests Rose and Nancy on Memorial Day weekend.

June brought the most excitement we've had so far since we became the center for firefly hunters in the Allegheny National Forest 4 years ago.  We had lots of firefly hunters including the Larsen family, McKay family, Linda Weaver, Janet Sullivan, Michelle Pepitrone, Gupta family and Marsh family.  But none could top the ultimate firefly hunter and renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough.  The British film company Ammonite Films headed by Joe Loncraine, stayed here the week before the PA Firefly Festival to film Sir Attenborough communing with the Synchronous and Chinese Lantern firely in Tionesta Creek.  We expect the nature film about bioluminescence to be released sometime this spring.  See details below.

July brought the heat and rodeo fans from around the world.  We hosted the Corones family, Daniel, Isabella, Marie and Sam from France. We added the third cabin to the list of availability, and the Rhodes and Frews bunked in the cabins.  The Inmans traveled over from Ohio on motorcyle to ride the "Sixes".  August brought nature photographers and hellbender hunters, David and Laura Hughes.  They got some amazing underwater photos of the freshwater mussels and hellbenders in the Tionesta and Salmon creeks. David Hughes Photography

Fall brought out the amazing leaf color and leaf peepers Starsha and Jason Malek showed up. We had the pleasure of meeting Mahar family in late October. The Benden family had their annual hunting reunion here for both bear and buck.  Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from the "Little Truck Club" from Manchester, Ohio.  Thanks again to all of our guests, friends and family who made 2015 our most successful to date.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Looking forward to winter in Kellettville

As hunting season wraps up with deer season opening next week, we are getting ready for the Holidays and the 2016 snowmobile season.  We set up the trail marker fence along the Tionesta creek yesterday, and now all we need is some cold temps to turn this rain into snow.  We have lots of weekends available for snowmobile season.
We hope we will be able to rev up the sleds soon, but just in case we don't we have a backup plan.  We just added a Polaris Ranger to the toy collection.  We are putting it to good use as a workhorse, but can't wait to use it for some fun too.

The cabins at Camp Fossil Creek are shut down for another season, but we are starting to take reservations for the spring and Trout opening.  If we don't see you this December, Happy Holidays to all our friends and hope to see you soon in 2016.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall 2015 Cabin Rental

Fall is in full glory this year, beautiful colors and great weather this first week of November.  We've added a wood burner to cabin 3 to take off the chill.  The cabin is available now through the end of hunting season in December.  You can call to book for the weekend or during the week.  It rents for $75 a night and includes one bundle of wood.  More wood is available for $5 per bundle.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer in Kellettville

We are having another wet summer, but at least the creeks are full for kayaking and canoeing.  We have the 3rd cabin renovated and available for rental.  It rents for $150 a weekend, and comfortably holds 6-8 campers.  Check the blogspot for more information.

 We are looking forward to the Allegheny Mountain Championship Rodeo on July 23-25 at the Flying W Ranch and Indian Festival in Tionesta August 9-16.  Get your reservations in soon for these dates are filling up fast.

Hunting season is just around the corner and fall is always beautiful.  Call and book your stay soon.

The blueberry bushes are full of berries, and so I need to get out to pick. Hope to see you soon at Black Caddis Ranch B&B and the Cabins at Camp Fossil Creek.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Very Busy May

The B&B is the busiest we've ever been in May.  Lots of new guests and return business.  We are booking up quickly in June as well.  All three cabins are booked for the PA Firefly Festival weekend. The weather has been good with warm temperatures and mostly dry days the forest is blooming and the creeks are flowing.  There's plenty of good fishing and kayaking on the Tionesta.   We are seeing the emerging of swallowtail butterflies just in time for the rhododendrons, blooming blueberry bushes, and the apple trees are just about finished.  Of course, the bird watching is always wonderful in the forest. We hope you too will be able to visit us soon to enjoy all the natural wonders of the season.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Is Here!

The snow pack has finally melted, we had our first thunder storms this week and the daffodil buds are ready to bloom this week.  We are ready for the opening weekend of 2015 Trout season and the anglers will be invading this week.  We were proud to have the Forest Area Arts Council sponsor a class in the art of tying flies taught by local artist and fishing enthusiast, Bill Logan.  We had 10 students of all ages here yesterday in the great room. Each one tied 3 different flies that they will be able to use starting this coming weekend.  The weather looks favorable for camping, hiking and horseback riding as well as fishing.

The road construction contractor has assured me that the "Porky" bridge will be complete this week, so Route 666 is open.  

We are looking forward to hosting another successful PA Firefly Festival on June 27.  We are getting calls everyday for information and lodging.  So, far Cabin #1 is booked for that weekend.  We are working to get Cabin #3 open for rental this summer.  It is the largest of the 3, and will have room for up to 6-7 cots.  It also has a screened-in porch. We will post photos soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snowmobile season is here!

Winter has finally arrived, and around here we welcome it.  We are excited to get out the machines and ride the over 100 miles of trails in the Forest County area.  Please come and join us for a weekend and enjoy the winter forest.  The B&B is warm and comfortable too.  You can enjoy a warm beverage, read a good book or watch movies in the theater if you don't want to venture out.  Give us a call and schedule your stay.

Penn DOT did finish the bridge at Bobb's creek on Route 666, but now it is closed 4 miles east of that while they repair the bridge over "Porky".  So, you still cannot access us from the east end of 666 or Blue Jay.  They hope to have it done by March and Trout season.