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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer 2012

We've had our busiest summer yet.  Many guests from out of state and even different countries.  We started with the fisherman in May from Michigan.  June brought the guests from the Netherlands, and we can't forget the Firefly hunters.  We had scientists here from Tennessee, Georgia, Germany and Belgium, for 10 days studying the Pyralis Carolinus, aka Synchronous firefly, in Forest County.  We learned a lot about our habitat and fireflies.  You can listen to our NPR interview on the Allegheny Front website.  July brought the Rodeo at the Flying W Ranch of course, and rain returned to bring up the creeks.  We've had even more guests in the cabin at Camp Fossil Creek, and family and friends joining us from Ohio.  August brought in wedding guests from Somerset, a gentleman traveler from New Jersey and a family from Beaver.  Every one has been so nice and seemed to enjoy their stay.  We really enjoy getting to know each one and  sharing experiences with them.  We love sharing our "little bit of heaven" with our guests.

Fall looks just as promising.  Already, weekends are booking up in September and October for the cabin.  The cabin is already booked for the opening week of Buck Season!!

The weather is starting to cool off in the evenings, so no air conditioning is required.  The leaves should be colorful since we've had more rain.  Some trees are already starting to change.  Come enjoy the autumn festivals and activities.

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Keep your blog posts coming. I really like reading your stuff. Thanks.