Ken & Peggy Butler

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/8/2009: Fall arrived this week! The colors are just starting to peak. It has been a cold, windy and wet autumn so far. Things continue to progress at the ranch. We will be installing a new custom sign in the front lawn, so we've been busy with some landscaping and clean up. The cabin is almost ready for the hunting season. It is habitable, but still needs some finishing touches. We keep chipping away at it. Soon there will also be less foliage around the cabin. We have scheduled some tree/branch removal, but as usual, the typical slow "Kelletville time" seems to be in effect. Although, the weather has not been conducive to cutting trees.

Peggy continues to see more wildlife and signs of wildlife. This week we had a family of 3 raccoons sleeping in the dumpster. They were evidently trapped, because they were chattering so on the third day. So, Peggy went out and stuck a branch in the bin so they could climb out. Within a minute, they were up, out and on their way.


Cizzle said...

well thanks so much for the info on renting out the camps that are there. how many camps do you have in the area for rent this coming hunting season?

Ken Butler said...

There is one cabin/camp on the premises for hunting and fishing season and summer vacations. Sleeps 5. It has electricity, fire ring along a stream, bottled water, refrigerator, sink, propane grill and gas heater. Outhouse plus access to main house bathroom and showers. Hunting dogs OK if kept on leash on premises.

Reli-Abilities said...

Its wonderful that you have provided an Accessible sleeping public accommodation. Is it fully Accessible? I ask this question because it does not appear thet the public space provided at the entrance to your hunting cabin is Accessible. There are Disabled hunters that will need Equal Access, and may visit your B&B