Ken & Peggy Butler

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas at BCR, 2009

How fast the year goes by! 2009 has sure been an adventure here at BCR and in Ohio. Sam graduated from Manchester High School, got his Eagle Scout and spent his summer working at Turkeyfoot Golf Course in Ohio. We had the B&B full for the Rodeo and Rumble on the River weeks. The Smokeless Tobacco and Copenhagen reps stayed with us, and reminded us what it was like to be young again. The fall brought new jobs for Peggy at Clarion University and Next Step Therapy. Sam started at OSU/ATI studying Turf Management. Joe graduated from OSU in December, and started fulltime with COSI the next day.

Here in Kelletville, we continue to make improvements to the cabin/bunk house. Ken installed a gas heater. Next will come the composting toilet. Plans for the spring season are being discussed. Keep posted for announcements. In the meantime, snowmobile season has begun. We just got back from a ride, and the trails are in great shape already. More snow is due in this weekend. Make plans to visit us and bring your long-johns!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/8/2009: Fall arrived this week! The colors are just starting to peak. It has been a cold, windy and wet autumn so far. Things continue to progress at the ranch. We will be installing a new custom sign in the front lawn, so we've been busy with some landscaping and clean up. The cabin is almost ready for the hunting season. It is habitable, but still needs some finishing touches. We keep chipping away at it. Soon there will also be less foliage around the cabin. We have scheduled some tree/branch removal, but as usual, the typical slow "Kelletville time" seems to be in effect. Although, the weather has not been conducive to cutting trees.

Peggy continues to see more wildlife and signs of wildlife. This week we had a family of 3 raccoons sleeping in the dumpster. They were evidently trapped, because they were chattering so on the third day. So, Peggy went out and stuck a branch in the bin so they could climb out. Within a minute, they were up, out and on their way.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer is Here!

Summer activities have started at the Black Caddis Ranch! Guests can practice their golf swing at the driving range, kayak or canoe the Tionesta Creek or hike to the Little Minister (Fossil Creek) spring. Fishing and horseback riding is a good way to spend the early morning or late afternoon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Click on the X pictures too!

To save space, some of the pics have an X in a box. Click on these to open more pictures!

Google Earth, Old Map and Latitude/Longitude

The photos provide some history of the area, showing what Kelletville used to look like before the town was mostly abandoned when a new flood control dam was built in the 1940's. An aerial of the property is also provided. Google earth has a great view of the property, with a pin at the location of the ranch. Enter "Black Caddis Ranch, Kelletville, PA" on google earth and it will pop up. For Garmin and TomTom gps enter N 41 degrees, 33.06 and W 079 degrees, 15.075.

Winter Fun!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

January - lots of snow!

It has been a great winter so far at the Ranch! We added snowshoeing as a new sport and my first attempt was mixed! It was fun, especially compared to the inability of walking in what was 26" plus of snow, plus the drifts. The field in the picture is directly out back of the bed & breakfast, with a trail leading to the main snowmobile trail off the back of the property.

Note: You are welcome to bring your own snowshoes and snowmobiles. A release is required to operate your snowmobile on the premises. Sorry, no rentals provided.

Call for conditions, 814-463-7606