Ken & Peggy Butler

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A family horseback ride from near the Black Caddis Ranch

The Labor Day weekend was busy at the Black Caddis Ranch. The Kulich's from Akron, Megha, from Bombay, India, The Grumney's from Medina, The Jacobson's from Florida and North Carolina, and a to be named later rock band from OSU visited the ranch. The Grumney family is pictured enjoying a 2 hour ride that started at the Flying W Ranch, which is near The Black Caddis Ranch. The Flying W ride costs $40.00 per person and includes a guided tour of the mountains surrounding the Black Caddis and Flying W Ranches. Young children are welcome, the horses are very gentle.

The view is from the top of one of the hills, looking back at the Black Caddis Ranch along the Tionesta Creek.

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