Ken & Peggy Butler

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A family horseback ride from near the Black Caddis Ranch

The Labor Day weekend was busy at the Black Caddis Ranch. The Kulich's from Akron, Megha, from Bombay, India, The Grumney's from Medina, The Jacobson's from Florida and North Carolina, and a to be named later rock band from OSU visited the ranch. The Grumney family is pictured enjoying a 2 hour ride that started at the Flying W Ranch, which is near The Black Caddis Ranch. The Flying W ride costs $40.00 per person and includes a guided tour of the mountains surrounding the Black Caddis and Flying W Ranches. Young children are welcome, the horses are very gentle.

The view is from the top of one of the hills, looking back at the Black Caddis Ranch along the Tionesta Creek.

Snack time at the Black Caddis Ranch

The Porch at the Black Caddis Ranch near the Flying W Ranch, Tionesta PA

The porch at the Black Caddis Ranch is where most guests start and end their day. A hot cup of coffee and muffin starts the day on the porch, enjoying the peacefulness and quite of the mountains. In the evening, after the campfire, the adults usually gather on the porch, for a glass of wine, good conversation and making plans for the days ahead.

The Kitchen at the Black Caddis Ranch Bed & Breakfast

The kitchen is an attractive feature of the home. The cabinets were crafted from trees on the premises by the former owner. The kitchen window looks out the back of the home, providing one of the best views into the National Forest that begins at the edge of the property.

Kayaking and Tubing the Tionesta Creek in Kelletville PA

The Tionesta Creek in Kelletville PA is perfect for kayaking, tubing and canoes. The water is shallow, after the spring melt, with depths ranging from ankle deep to 4.5 feet for most of the summer. The water clarity is amazing, with fresh water clams and crayfish easy to find in the clear water. An easy put in is located 3 miles up river, with an easy out in front of the Black Caddis Ranch.

The ride is beautiful, with a mild current and no white water, perfect for families with younger children

For the more adventurous, another 6 miles past the Ranch places you at a convenient take out just before the Nebraska Bridge.

Fly Fishing the Tionesta Creek

The Tionesta Creek runs directly in front of the Black Caddis Ranch.