Ken & Peggy Butler

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dark Skies

                                                                                           Photo by Ian Toole
According to a new friend, Ibi Alao, fireflies become the stars in the skies.  Now that firefly season is coming to an end, we turn our attention skyward to see the amazing starlit skies above the Black Caddis Ranch.  The ranch is nestled in a protected valley of the Little Minister and Tionesta Creeks.  We are privileged to have an open view to a "dark sky", free from the light pollution of the city.  We turn off all the outside lights and sit out around a low glowing campfire to watch the spectacle of the universe above.  Many of our visitors have never seen the Milky Way, or are able to identify the Big Dipper.  Be sure to bring your binoculars or a telescope to look at the moon, planets and constellations.  If you are really lucky a meteor shower or the International Space Station will cross overhead.  The Perseid Meteor showers and the Comet Swift-Tuttle are in the sky between August 13-24.  This photo was taken by our friend and local business owner Menahem Thalkar.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Home Theater and Wine Cellar Available to Guests

One of the unique features of the B&B is the home theater and wine cellar.  It is available to our guests.  The entertainment includes a DVD player, Netflix, Direct TV, Wii System, Sound System and a PS2 system.  It is a great place for the children to watch their favorite movies, play games  and for adults to watch their favorite game or movie.